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Welcome to Trinity Competitive Racing!

Fanatec LM Wheel and Game

A Formula One Racing League. Keeping it clean and competitive since 2016. PS4 Only.

A bit about us

Trinity Competitive Racing (TCR) has been a racing league since 2016 founded by Cfreeze22 and is exclusive to the PS4. We race on the current Codemasters F1 games and we value good, hard and respectful racing on and off the track. We are a North American oriented league and have some of the best drivers from this region. If you are from North America and you have interest in joining a racing league we encourage you to start here. No matter if you are a beginner or have league experience, use assists or none, quick or slow we have a class for you! Unlock your potential and race with the best of the best from the North American region 

League Schedule

  • Silver Class (Entry), Tuesday’s 8:15 PM EST PS4, Medium traction, ABS, Manual, Racing line
  • Golden Class (Junior), Wednesday’s 8:15 PM EST PS4, Racing line only.
  • Platinum Class (Premier), Thursday’s 8:15 PM EST PS4, Racing line only.

Want to Join TCR?

  • If you would like to join the TCR community please see our “Apply to Race page and fill out the form to become a driver or commentator!

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