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TCR Grand Prix

The TCR Grand Prix is a Platinum exclusive seasonal race that takes place in the regular season for all drivers. It is a special race with a unique qualifying format that involves one shot qualifying and heat races to determine the starting grid. There are extra points up for grabs and can be a game changer when it comes to the Championship.

The first TCR Grand Prix was held on race 6 of season 8 at Monaco. It witnessed some great action for the win as strategy and traffic made it difficult to take the lead. After a horrific crash in the swimming pool section, featuring Cfreeze22 and Double_A, which took them out of contention. It was Seecwit who took the Inaugural TCR Grand Prix win in his Platinum Class Debut.

“For me, the most difficult thing about winning one, was that it was my first race in the Platinum Class. I started on pole, which was insane, and then I controlled the whole 2nd half of the race”

“I want to win the TCR Grand Prix because it’s like the jewel in the crown of the season”

Seecwit (TCR GP Winner)

“It’s more challenging for one and worth more points.”

GJoe_Breezy07 (1x Champion)

The second TCR Grand Prix was held on race 8 of season 9 at Austria. This race had a full grid of 20 drivers all wanting to achieve the same thing. In the qualifying phase, we saw roughly the same people on top grabbing those extra points. After a more demanding lead by DougieFalcons97, it was towards the end of the race where a faulty mistake allowed GoToGuy102 to capitalize in the closing laps.

“Having everyone bringing their A game for the event and the extra challenge of qualifying makes it difficult to win.”

GoToGuy102 (1x Champion and TCR GP Winner)

From the first TCR GP to the second, we saw a change in the format for both the qualifying and race. The qualifying format added some points for each fastest lap, pole position, and some extra points if you finished top 3. As for the race, the points were back to normal and did not see the double points payouts like we saw at Monaco.

“You want to win the TCR Grand Prix. You want it on your resume. The fact that I don’t have one is alarming.”

Cfreeze22 (3x Champion)

Watch Here!

TCR Grand Prix Qualifying at Monaco

TCR Grand Prix Race at Monaco

“I want to win the TCR GP because it is a different GP from last season. I want the 50 points and I want to show everyone that anyone can win a race in TCR with this type of qualification.”

x-I_RoLL_x-Qc (TCR Veteran)
TCR Grand Prix II Qualifying and Race
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