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General Rules

Please take some time to look over the rules. These rules are in place to keep the racing fun and entertaining for everyone!

ATTENDANCE POLICY: In order to race full time in TCR you must:

1. Complete at least 75% of the total races.

2. Intend on completing the entire season.

If you decide to leave TCR mid season without a valid reason you will not be allowed to return. You are expected to race for the entirety of the season. Furthermore, once you join our Discord every driver is mandated to respond to our attendance sheet on a weekly basis which a TCR Official will show you. You cannot miss more than 3 races in a row without a valid reason. If you do not respond to the attendance sheets or miss 3 races in a row without a valid reason you risk losing your seat. If you think you will be unable to follow TCR’s Attendance policy we advise you to be a reserve driver. Please understand TCR’s Attendance policy and rethink before you fully commit.

  • Game: F1 2020 (PS4)
  • Sliver Class: Tuesdays @8:15 pm EST
  • Golden Class: Wednesday @8:15 pm EST
  • Platinum Class: Thursdays @8:15 pm EST


    1.1 Clean Racing
    1.2 Overtaking
    1.3 Defending
    1.4 Excessive Weaving
    1.5 Track Limits
    1.6 Qualifying
    1.7 Back of the Grid/Reserve Qualifying
    1.8 Situational Awareness
    1.9 Forcing Others Off Track
    1.10 Intentional Contact
    2.1 In game Penalties
    2.2 Being Lapped (Blue Flags)/Unlapping
    2.3 Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car
    2.4 Formation Lap
    2.5 Tyre Rules
    2.6 Pit Stops
    2.7 DRS
    2.8 Jump Starts
    2.9 Pausing the Game
    2.10 Recording
    2.11 Race Format
    2.12 Reset Car to Track
    3.1 Discord Etiquette
    3.2 Readying Up for Race
    3.3 Race Etiquette
    3.4 Inviting Drivers
    3.5 Quitting the Race
    4.1 Restarting Router
    4.2 Disconnections/Rejoins
    4.3 Mass Disconnections
    5.1 Missing Races
    5.2 Pulling out Mid-Season
    5.3 Attendance Policy
    6.1 Stewards Agreement
    6.2 Stewards Panel
    6.3 Appeals
    6.4 Submitting Process
    6.4.1 Submitting Incidents
    6.4.2 Drivers Being Investigated
    6.4.3 Time Penalty Removals & Penalties Served in Pit
    6.4.4 Automatic Time Penalties
    6.5 Penalty Point System & Super License
    6.6 Penalties
    6.6.1 Reprimands
    6.6.2 Blacklist
    6.7 TCR Head Steward
    7.1 Car Selection
    7.2 Reserve Qualifying
    7.3 Racing Etiquette
    7.4 Incidents with Reserves
    7.5 Reserve Points



1.1 Clean Racing – All drivers must race cleanly/safely at all times. There should be no
contact between two cars on track. Each driver is expected to avoid contact with other
drivers the best that they can. If you are at fault, you are likely to receive a penalty. If both
drivers are at fault, the stewards can deem it as a racing incident.

1.2 Overtaking – If you made accidental contact that you are responsible for with a car
while overtaking, handing the position back to the driver on track will result in minor to
no penalty by stewards. If you do not, you will be penalized harsher for keeping your
advantage. Don’t be too aggressive when trying to overtake. As the chasing car, it’s your
responsibility to not make contact with the car in front (assuming clean defending).

1.3 Defending – Once the first white arrow shows, you are officially defending. You may
defend with one move, not two. Give the driver behind enough time to react to any
blocking maneuver. Moving back onto the racing line under braking is allowed if there is
at least one car length between you and the car behind. As a driver defending it is your
responsibility to know the distance of the car behind and maneuvers of your car.

1.4 Excessive Weaving – Excessive weaving, late braking, or moving under braking is
prohibited. Excessive weaving to break slipstream on straights is not allowed. Pick a
racing line, and stick to it.

1.5 Track Limits – Unless stated otherwise by the Head Steward, track limit rules will be
‘regular’ for all tracks. For some tracks where the limits are more crucial, the Head
Steward may apply ‘strict’ rules.

Under ‘regular’ track limits, the Head Steward may identify specific corners that will be
monitored with ‘strict’ limits (see below). The Head Steward may also produce
guidelines on track extensions as necessary. No game-awarded track limit
warnings/penalties will be reviewed under ‘regular’ track limits.

Strict – Under ‘strict’ rules all game-awarded warnings/penalties are subject to Rule
6.4.3. Four tires outside the white lines is considered outside of the track limits under
‘strict’…at least one tire must be on or within the white line to be legal.

Drivers may submit competitors for track limit violations when the limits are repeatedly
abused, or are deliberately/excessively abused in a single instance. Stewards,
commentators and viewers can also introduce an inquiry if the limits are being abused.
Multiple violations of track limits or excessive single instances during the race can result
in penalization by the stewards. Track limits during qualifying laps will be strongly
enforced. Abuse of the limits by a driver during qualifying who finishes the lap without
backing out will result in penalization by the stewards. Abuse of the track limits during
an overtake will also be penalized, especially if the position isn’t returned.

1.6 Qualifying – It is not mandatory to participate in qualifying. During qualifying it’s
your own responsibility to find free space on the track for your flying lap. A car on a
flying lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. If you are not
on a flying lap, you MUST give the racing line and space to a car on a flying lap. If you
wish to retire during the qualifying session this must be done in your garage, not out on
the track. Drivers are allowed to cut corners and cut the track for the purpose of trying
to get another lap in or trying to return to the pits quicker. If a driver receives invalid lap
or invalid next lap this is not re viewable. Drivers cutting corners or the track MUST be
aware of their surroundings and who is on a flying lap. If they are to be determined at
fault for impeding on a lap or causing damage to a car they will be penalized stricter.
Not following any of the rules in 1.6 will result in penalties.

1.7 Back of the Grid/Reserve Qualifying – If you have received a back of the grid
penalty from another race or are driving reserve for either class, you may do an out lap
to save your setup. You may NOT set a lap time at any pace, you can simply leave the
pits and enter the pit on the same lap to save your racing setup. Not following this rule
will result in a penalty from stewards and could mean you have to do another back of
the grid penalty/not drive reserve.

1.8 Situational Awareness – Be aware of where the cars around you are during racing
and qualifying. If you go off track with other cars around, it is your responsibility to reenter the track safely to avoid penalties by the stewards.

1.9 Forcing Drivers Off Track – When racing side by side both drivers must leave enough
space for each other. Not leaving enough space in the entry or exit of a corner is not
allowed. Drivers should leave about a car’s width when racing side by side. From the
white lines to the rear tires of the car in front. When racing side by side drivers must
change their racing line to allow both cars to fit through the corner. If a driver does not
leave enough space for the other it will result in a penalty.

1.10 Intentional Contact – If a driver crashes out another driver or intentionally hits
another car resulting in contact, they will be banned from TCR immediately. Stewards
can discuss different penalty options for different situations.


2.1 In Game Penalties – If you receive in game penalty that you feel is unfair, you can
send your footage to the stewards for an investigation. It should be noted that if you are
trying to get time penalties removed for too many warnings/corner cuts you need to
record the race director at the end of the race so we have a log of all your

2.2 Being Lapped (Blue Flags)/Unlapping – If you have cars approaching to lap you
(regardless if the blue flag is presented or not), it is your responsibility to let the cars
through as safest and earliest as possible. This must be done OFF the racing line. If you
end up going faster than a car that has lapped you, you may unlap yourself if it is safe to
do so. Keep in mind that if you cause a collision you will be penalized, even for
accidental contact.

2.3 Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car – When under the safety car drivers are not allowed to
overtake others, intentionally hit, or frequently hit other cars or you will/can receive a
penalty. Drivers are encouraged to leave adequate space to the car ahead. Cars are
expected to be single file and you may not pull and drive side by side to another driver
(on purpose). If you are in the middle or back of the pack, please keep in mind that
some turns might be a lot slower than under the formation lap. It is your responsibility
to know this and prepare for this. Drivers in front are not allowed to brake check the
driver behind, if caught they will be penalized. Drivers who are in front need to leave
enough space between the safety car to allow it to return to the pits. If the lead car does
not do this and causes a pile up collision behind, stewards will investigate. Once leader
crosses the start finish line under safety car and green flag is shown on the screen,
drivers are allowed to overtake other cars. Remain in single file UNTIL this occurs. If the
safety car is too glitchy during the season, the stewards reserve the right to vote on
disabling features or the safety car altogether at any point in the season.

2.4 Formation Lap – During the formation lap, the first 2 sectors you must remain within
reasonable distance from the car ahead. During the 3rd sector, you are expected to be
within 10 car lengths to the car ahead. No passing or driving side by side (on purpose)
under the formation lap. Drivers are expected to be single file. If you are mid or back of
the pack, it is your responsibility to know when the cars in front will reach a point of
minimal movement. Collisions under the formation lap currently disqualify you from the
formation lap and put you on the grid automatically by the game. If this becomes a
reoccurring theme, the stewards have the right to penalize you on top of the game’s
punishment. If the formation lap becomes glitchy during the season, the stewards
reserve the right to vote on disabling the formation lap at any point in the season.

2.5 Tyre Rules – TCR uses the same tyre rules as FIA for dry and wet conditions. Drivers
in the top 10 are forced to start the race on the tyre set they used to set their fastest
qualifying lap. Outside of the top 10 drivers may choose whichever set of starting tyres
they want. In qualifying, it is not allowed to deliberately crash your car in order to
destroy the tyre set you would have started with upon qualifying in the top 10. If you
have an accidental crash and ruin this set, you must select different set of the SAME
compound of tyre. Drivers must use 2 of the 3 available dry tyre compounds at least
once in the race. Must use 1 of the 2 mandatory tyre sets (specified by the game). In
qualifying you may not run laps on wet tyres while the track conditions are clearly dry.

2.6 Pit Stops – Stay within white line when entering and exiting the pit lane. Drivers may
not pause the game in order to have the AI perform the pit entry for them, or you will
be penalized.

2.7 DRS – Driving in a dangerous or unprofessional way to gain the use of DRS in the
race is not allowed and may be penalized. This includes deliberately letting a car go past
or letting off the throttle for the purpose of ensuring DRS.

2.8 Jump Starts – The game will give a drive through penalty for jump starts. If the game
gives you green lights before the other drivers have received green lights it is your
responsibility to not use this as an advantage. You must remain in position and not pass
the field. If you are in the front row, it’s expected that you slow your car down to
remove the advantage you gained from the game.

2.9 Pausing the Game – Drivers are fully responsible for their car while pausing the
game. Any incident or dangerous driving done by your car under pause will still be
subject to the same penalties. Please do not pause the game under safety car/formation
laps as this can cause your car to go slower for the cars behind. If this is done
intentionally you will be penalized. Pausing your game for more than 5 minutes will get
you disqualified from the race.

2.10 Recording – Drivers MUST record their races. If you are involved in an incident and
asked by a steward for footage in which you do not have you will be given a warning. If
it occurs multiple times, you will be penalized.

2.11 Race Format –

1. Practice: None

2. Qualifying: Short

3. Race Distance: 50%

4. Car Performance: Equal

5. Formation Lap: On

6. Safety Car: On

7. Collisions: On

8. Vehicle Damage: Full

9. Weather: Dynamic

10. AI Cars: Medium

11. Parc Fermé Rules: On

12. Corner Cutting: Strict

13. Lobby set on invite only (Send everyone multiple invites so they can rejoin
if they lag out)

14. Racing Line: Subject to class

2.12 Reset Car to Track – Drivers may not use reset car to track feature. If this feature is
used during the race it will be subject to an investigation. This can result in penalties.

2.13 Damaging Braking Boards – During qualifying or any point in the race, drivers may
not damage braking boards intentionally or lazily. If this is thought to have happened, a
driver may be investigated and penalties may be given out.

3.General Behavior

3.1 Discord Etiquette – All drivers must use Discord app for league announcements,
rulings and communication. Drivers must not verbally attack, callout, or argue in the
group chats about racing incidents, steward decisions, announcements, or rule
changes. Be professional and polite.
If drivers feel the need to talk to a driver after the
race, steward on a decision, or an official about the rules please do it in a private chat.
Respect the other drivers and respect the officials. If you message a driver and verbally
attack them, you can be penalized.
We will implement a warning system and then strict
punishments will come with starting drama. We understand, adrenaline is high. Please
blow off the steam outside of the group chats.

3.2 Readying Up for Race – Lobby host will give the official thumbs up to ready up for
the race in discord. Any officials and lobby host must communicate privately that
everything is ready to go before telling drivers to ready up. If you ready up before the
thumbs up is received you may receive a penalty. After qualifying and before the
formation lap begins, when setting your tyre strategy and fuel do NOT press X to ready
up at that point. This way teams and drivers can strategize with teammates without the
timer running down for the formation lap. A designated driver or official will press X
after which at that point the remaining drivers may press X. If this is violated and
verified on the stream, this can result in penalties (including but not limited to penalty
points or time penalties).

3.3 Racing Etiquette – Be patient, race your opponent the same way you want to be
raced against. Be respectful to other drivers in the league, do not hold grudges on other
drivers for incidents in the past. Please keep yourself calm and collected even when
making a costly mistake, having a bad race, or being involved in an incident. Do not lose
your cool on the track or you will be penalized accordingly. If this theme continues, it
will result in stricter punishments. If you record your voice with your stream, be mindful
to not use harmful language towards other drivers. If this is a reoccurring theme, the
stewards will investigate.

3.4 Inviting Drivers – Drivers may ONLY invite drivers who are authorized by the lobby
host/official to race in that race. If you invite friends or someone who is not authorized
to race, you will be penalized. If this occurs more than once it could result in a penalty
due to mistrust.

3.5 Quitting the Race – Drivers must retire their car in the pits before quitting any
race. This is to prevent a non-ghosted AI car from interfering with the race and race
results. If drivers continue quit races frequently, they can be removed from the league.
As frustrating as some races and incidents go, please be mindful of everyone else in the
race. Don’t ruin a race weekend for your temper. If you quit/disconnect due to internet
issues, drivers must make an attempt to rejoin the lobby and retire their car. Drivers
must not intentionally crash their car for the purpose of quitting the race. This can
trigger a safety car or VSC, effect other cars strategies and change the outcome of the
race. Doing so will result in strict penalties.


4.1 Restarting Router – Drivers MUST restart their router prior to a race. You must do
everything you can to have the best internet connection for the race. If your internet
provides lag for the rest of the grid on a weekly basis, we will remove you from the
league until the problem is proven to be fixed.

4.2 Disconnections/Rejoins – If a driver loses connection to the lobby, they can rejoin
via a backup invite sent out before the race starts. Please only attempt to rejoin the
lobby once to avoid stressing the lobby connection. If a driver lags out of the race on the
last lap (or within 5 minutes or less), their finish will be determined by their AI car.
Anything more than 5 minutes your car will be disqualified. If rejoins are proven to
cause connection issues in lobbies the stewards reserve the right to vote on
prohibiting this rule until we can find a new solution.

4.3 Mass Disconnections – If 4 or more drivers lag out of a qualifying session, the lobby
will be restarted. During the race if half (or more) of the lobby lose connection at the
same time, that counts as a mass disconnection. Applies to a short period of time,
within 5 minutes. This also includes de-syncing where the lobby is split into separate
lobbies racing AI cars.
If less than 50% of the race was completed at the time of mass
disconnection, the race will be restarted with a new host. Grid editor will
be used to set the lineup. Drivers 1-10 stay on the same tyre used before
disconnection or you’re disqualified from the race.
If more than 50% of the race was completed at the time of mass
disconnection, the race will end from the time of the first disconnect. Half
points will be awarded.
If more than 90% of the race was completed at the time of the mass
disconnection, the race will end and the positions from the time of the
first disconnection will be used as the final results. Full points will be


5.1 Missing Races – If you cannot make a race please notify TCR official and answer via
the attendance tab on discord. If you miss a race without notifying an official, they will
keep track of occurrences. So many occurrences or poor attendance will lead to the
removal of full-time driver status. You may not have another driver drive for your PSN,
or this will result in serious punishment.

5.2 Pulling out Mid-Season – Please notify TCR Official if you cannot race at least 75% of
the races or for any reason you need to stop racing. Do not ignore the league and not
notify anyone that you are leaving the league or this could prevent further admission
into the league in the future. Drivers must have valid excuse for leaving mid-season.
Non-valid reasons include not being interested in racing anymore, not getting along with
a specific driver, or continually quitting races. Drivers should know their schedules
ahead of time, whether or not they can race.

5.3 Attendance Policy – In order to race full time in TCR you must:

1. Complete at least 75% of the total races.

2. Intend on completing the entire season.

If you decide to leave TCR mid-season without a valid reason you will not be
allowed to return. You are expected to race for the entirety of the season.
Furthermore, once you join our Discord every driver is mandated to respond to
our attendance sheet on a weekly basis which a TCR Official will show you. You
cannot miss more than 3 races in a row without a valid reason. If you do not
respond to the attendance sheets or miss 3 races in a row without a valid reason
you risk losing your seat. If you think you will be unable to follow TCR’s
Attendance policy we advise you to be a reserve driver. Please understand TCR’s
Attendance policy and rethink before you fully commit.

6.Rule Enforcement

6.1 Stewards Agreement – All TCR Stewards must do their duty in ensuring that they
follow and apply all TCR rules where applicable. These rules must be applied correctly
and no interpreting or self-interest can interfere. If there is a misinterpretation the rule
can be discussed by the Head Steward and collective Board members for further
clarification. All TCR stewards must perform their duty with no bias or favoring a driver.
If there is an incident where a steward feels they have a bias towards someone for some
reason they will be removed from reviewing that incident. TCR ensures that the steward
panel is made up of stewards that have the least amount of bias. For example, stewards
will not be able to review incidents from their participating class, former/current
teammates and friends, former/current rivals and anti-friends, or anyone that can
interfere with a fair and just steward process. All TCR stewards must agree to this before
becoming a TCR steward and must keep this in mind when doing their duty. For any TCR
steward that is caught breaking this rule, they will be removed from being able to be a
TCR steward. This makes sure that TCR can ensure a fair and a just steward process as
best as possible.

6.2 Stewards Panel – Each class will have an individual class coordinator and steward
panel. Keeping in mind rule 6.1, stewards will investigate the submitted incidents. These
discussions will occur behind closed doors and only those permitted will be able to view
and participate in discussion. The Head Steward of TCR will be able to view all classes’
private chats to ensure that proper rules are being applied correctly with zero bias from
the steward panel. Stewards must come up with a decision by majority rule and if a
decision cannot be made the TCR Head Steward or an additional steward will jump in to
be the tiebreaker. This can also be done by adding multiple stewards if it seems fit. If a
driver has a question about an incident, appeals, or rules in general, you can contact
your class coordinator or TCR Head Steward.

6.3 Appeals – Keeping in mind rule 6.1. If a driver is not content with a stewards
decision they have the right to appeal it. Each driver is allowed up to one appeal per
season. To successfully appeal a steward decision, the driver must present further
evidence to the stewards as to why the decision needs to be altered. This can include
other video footage that was not used in the investigation (can include video from other
TCR seasons or F1 seasons which were similar incidents), pictures, messages, and/or
present a TCR rule/regulations that was not correctly applied. The appeal must also
include an additional statement explaining why you are appealing the stewards decision
and any further explanation of the additional evidence that was provided. Appeals can
be sent 48 hours after the initial steward decision was posted. After the appeal is
submitted, the class coordinator and steward panel will take a look at the incident with
the additional information along with new additional stewards that was not present in
the initial steward decision. A 2/3 majority (66%) is needed to overturn the original
steward decision.

6.4 Submitting Process

6.4.1 Submitting Incidents – All footage of incidents or time penalty removals
must be sent to your class coordinator within 24 hours after the race. When
sending any footage please give the drivers involved and a short statement on
your point of view on what happened for the stewards to use in the investigation
with any other evidence you wish to provide. When you submit your video if you
Revision 3 (August 2020)
do not include a driver statement in your defense the class coordinator will not
ask for one. Please remember to include this with your video, this is the only
chance you get to tell the stewards your view on the incident. If you need more
than 24 hours to submit footage, please notify your class coordinator after the
race that you need time to process your footage. If approved, it must be sent
before the day of the next race. When submitting any allowable time removal
penalties, you MUST provide a race director for proof.

6.4.2 Drivers Being Investigated – If another driver sends footage to investigate
you, you will have up to 48 hours to submit footage and a statement from your
point of view. If more time is needed, please notify your class coordinator
immediately. If you do not have any record of your race to submit, the stewards
will investigate the incident with what they have (refer to rule 2.10). Drivers
MUST NOT contact another driver and verbally attack them if they are
investigating them for an incident. Be nice, be professional. This will not be
tolerated. (refer to rule 3.1).

6.4.3 Time Penalty Removals & Penalties Served in Pits – Drivers can submit
footage to challenge time penalties that the game has given them. This can be
due to avoiding crashes, track limits under safety cars or virtual safety cars,
major driver errors, or regular track extensions (if track is using strict rules). The
only warnings and penalties using regular corner cutting that can be submitted
are those that are not mistakes caused by the driver. We do not review game

awarded corner cut warnings/penalties if the track was set to normal corner cut
strictness. The driver must provide a full race director of the race. Time penalties
served in the pits cannot be removed from your time at the end of the race. The
reason for this is that we cannot assume you would pass another driver if we
give you back your seconds on the total time. We do understand that sometimes
a driver has no choice but to serve a penalty in the pits but unfortunately that’s
the fairest way to apply this rule. Any of the time penalty removals that apply to
this rule can be removed entirely and stewards will use the rule of 3 warnings
equaling a 3 second time penalty which can be calculated according to the race
director. If no race director is presented then we cannot remove a penalty.

6.4.4 Automatic Time Penalties – Automatic time penalties may be submitted
for review by the Stewards. Generally, these penalties will be left as the game
applies them, unless the stewards agree there are extenuating circumstances
that the game did not consider, or if some kind of glitch or similar mistake was
made by the game. Stewards will use the rule of 3 warnings equaling a 3 second
time penalty which can be calculated according to the race director. If no race
director is presented then we cannot remove a penalty.

6.5 Penalty Point System & Super License – Each TCR driver has a TCR Super License.

• Every 3 Penalty Points a driver gets a Back of the Grid. They expire once you hit
3pp or after a certain number of races go by. (see example below)

• A separate tally will be recorded for the race ban total. Once a driver hits 7
penalty points, they are subject to a Race ban/Re-Evaluation. They expire once
you hit 7pp or after a certain number of races go by. (see example below)

• To clarify, when a driver receives a penalty point they go for both the BOTG
record and the race ban record. We just tally them separately so we don’t
confuse ourselves.

Penalty points stay on your Super License for the length of races in that season. The two
tallies each Class Head Steward will keep will count towards a BOTG and Race Ban.

Example: If we race 15 races, the penalty point will stay on your license for 15 races. If
it’s given to you race 5 in the season, it will remain with you until race 5 of next season.
If you miss races, those will not be counted as races until the penalty point can be
removed. Every driver’s total number of penalty points will be listed throughout the

6.6 Penalties – The available penalties that can be applied to a driver are below. Please
note that the stewards can combine penalties based on the severity of the
o No Further Action
o Warning
o Reprimand
o 3 Second
o 5 Second
o 10 Second
o 15 Second
o 20 Second
o 1 PP
o 2 PP
o 3 PP
o BOTG/Qualifying Ban
o Disqualified/Listed Last
o Race Ban
o Multi Race Ban
o Season Ban
o Blacklist
If a driver finishes outside of the points, the stewards will use penalty points. If a
driver finishes inside the points and gains an advantage from the penalty, they will
evaluate both time penalty and penalty points. If a penalty is applied to a driver
outside the points first, and they are rewarded a points standing later, the stewards
will investigate the penalty again to see if a time penalty is necessary. This ensures
that every driver receives a fair penalty. For example, if a driver finishes 15th and is
given a 20 second time penalty which demotes them to 17th this would not affect
them since those positions do not give out points.

6.6.1 Reprimands – Stewards can also give a reprimand to any driver (on top of a
penalty) for anything they deem necessary. Typically, a reprimand will come with
poor behavior to other drivers or if a driver has continually been under
investigation for multiple races. If a driver receives a reprimand, this is a serious
warning to the driver to change their attacking/defending style or
professionalism with other drivers in the league. If a driver receives a reprimand
and does not improve over time, the stewards can give out harsher penalties.

6.6.2 Blacklist – The league owner and TCR Head Steward will be the final
decision to blacklist any driver. This can be due to any reason. If a driver is
blacklisted, they will not be allowed to join our league in the future.

6.7 TCR Head Steward – The role of the TCR Head Steward is the top executive in charge
of the TCR rules and regulations. He is responsible for knowing all TCR rules and
regulations and ensures that every steward is following the rule book fairly. He is also
responsible for writing up new rules and/or editing current rules. The TCR Head Steward
has many authorities and rights which include the following:
o Reserves the right to add any additional stewards that he sees fit
o Reserves the right to remove any stewards due to steward infringement on
Rule 6.1
o Reserves the right to break a tiebreaker in a steward investigation
o Reserves the right to propose/add any new rules as long as he has agreement
by the TCR Officials
o Reserves the right to change/edit any current rules as long as he has
agreement by the TCR Officials
o Reserves the right to blacklist any driver from TCR

7.Reserve Rules

7.1 Car Selection – If you are driving reserve, please select a car as the time is ticking
down after all drivers have readied up. Unless otherwise given a car selection by an
official or the host.

7.2 Reserve Qualifying – Reserve drivers may choose to participate in qualifying.

7.3 Racing Etiquette – Reserve drivers must make sure they understand the rules set in
this document prior to racing. No exceptions. Reserve drivers are used to fill up the grid
and have fun whilst racing. Please be considerate that the drivers you are racing with
are fighting for championships or own goals, whether it’s first or top 10. Reserve drivers
are not required to move over for regular season drivers. If you are driving reserve, treat
everyone with respect. The same goes for full time drivers, to treat our reserve drivers
with respect.

7.4 Incidents with Reserves – A full time driver can still be held accountable for
penalties based on incidents with reserve drivers. This guarantees that every driver on
the grid races clean and professionally. If a reserve driver is being investigated and
ultimately at fault for an incident, they can receive a penalty on their Super License and
a penalty towards their next race in another class. This can also result in no longer being
able to drive reserve for a set amount of time.

7.5 Reserve Points – TCR will keep record of reserve drivers finishing positions. Reserve
driver points will be published and they can compete for the Championship. Their points
for the team they are racing with while they are a reserve driver do not count towards
the Constructor Championship. Should that driver join a full-time team in the middle of
the season, his driver points will count towards his new Constructor Championship.

Note: Stewards Panel must use rules in this document towards fair and consistent rule
enforcement throughout the season. The stewards reserve the right to change rules
throughout the season with a vote of at least 4 stewards (more than half, if stewards are
added throughout the season). This can only be done if a rule was written poorly, if a
circumstance arises that is not in this document, or if a gray area/non-rule is being abused by
drivers that may ruin the integrity of the championship or league itself. Any changes to this
document will be reported to drivers and written in the revision section. At the end of each
season, stewards will review this document and address any changes that need to be made
for the new season.

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