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Apply to Race

1. Read TCR “Rules” and Attendance Policy

2. Fill out Form below.

3. Join our Discord and start racing!

Attendance Policy

ATTENDANCE POLICY: In order to race full time in TCR you must:

1. Complete at least 75% of the total races.

2. Intend on completing the entire season.

If you decide to leave TCR mid season without a valid reason you will not be allowed to return. You are expected to race for the entirety of the season. Furthermore, once you join our Discord every driver is mandated to respond to our attendance sheet on a weekly basis which a TCR Official will show you. You cannot miss more than 3 races in a row without a valid reason. If you do not respond to the attendance sheets or miss 3 races in a row without a valid reason you risk losing your seat. If you think you will be unable to follow TCR’s Attendance policy we advise you to be a reserve driver. Please understand TCR’s Attendance policy and rethink before you fully commit.


Join Here!

A TCR Official will reach out to you to schedule a test race once you complete steps.


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