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Meet The Team

Founder / Owner

Lives: United States, NY

Age: 19

Christopher / Cfreeze22

I started playing the F1 games back in 2015. This game is actually what brought me into the sport as I never even knew what Formula One was at the time. In America, Formula One is not a popular sport. Its either you watch NASCAR or Indy Car when it comes to motor sports. As soon as I started to get into some multiplayer races, (when I can find a clean one) I fell in love for the sport. The speed these cars have are insane and the whole sport in general seemed the top of the line. Once I got a bit better at the game I joined a league, but in the end I thought it would be so cool to start one myself.

I decided to start TCR solely because I wanted to race with a good group of drivers. Seasons after seasons we grew as a league. Things that seemed impossible at the start only became reality later on. I got some great help from all who participated, and surrounded myself with a great group right here. TCR in my eyes, is a place where anyone can join no matter their skill level, and improve as a driver in all aspects. Personally, I love to see the success other drivers have especially when you look to see where they started and where they are now. I love to help other drivers out by practicing and giving them tips because in the end we are all here to do one thing, which is to race.

My role here in TCR is to oversee and manage all operations to ensure that we operate as a league at the top of the line. I have high standards in this regard because I feel like it is important for all drivers to experience TCR in the best way possible. In the future, I see TCR as a well organized league that continues to do great things by solidifying us as the best place when it comes to North American racing. This is what we pride ourselves in being and we will continue to ensure it.

I hope new drivers can see what we have here is special. I would like the new drivers to experience something they never have before. A community where we all can race and practice together and maybe get a little bit better in the end of it.

Head Steward

Lives: United States, Utah

Age: 26

Tyler / tcco

My name is Tyler, I go by tcco in our league. I’m currently a TCR Official, Head Steward for the Platinum Class and a steward for Silver Class. I got started racing in TCR in Season 2, I did a try out race in Austria. I had a ton of fun with the group and raced 4 seasons following that. Season 7 I took a step away from racing competitively online, but continued to stay apart of TCR. A couple seasons before I wanted to be apart of the rule decision process and help grow TCR. Since Season 2 when I started with TCR, I’ve seen our communication, growth, and prestige grow tremendously.

I grew up watching sprint car racing at my local town dirt tracks as a kid. That love for racing grew to NASCAR as I watched my favorite driver Jimmie Johnson win many championships, along with Jeff Gordon. Sometime early 2014 I became very interested in open wheel racing and IndyCar. I attended numerous races at my home track in Sonoma. It wasn’t until then I got more interested in Formula 1. My passion and love for the sport grew very quickly. I have now attended the US Grand Prix and the Spanish Grand Prix races, hoping to cross many more off my list. I am a big Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing fan. Outside of racing, I’m a huge sports fan. I play golf and hockey. I love to watch football, hockey, and golf.

I look forward to the growth of TCR and the addition of more stewards and officials. Since joining TCR years ago, we have always strived to be better than our last season and I believe that we have accomplished that. I would love to see more drivers stay in our high ranks for many seasons and years and always love to welcome new drivers along.

Official / Recruiter

Lives: United States, Arizona

Age: 16

Chris / flyingjippo_

My love for motorsport started with the movie cars when I was very young, it was my all time favorite movie for years to come. Then 2015 came around, I was bored and decided to watch something new on TV. That something just happened to be the 2015 Bahrain GP and ignited my burning passion for Formula 1 and Motorsport as a whole. My first F1 game was F1 2012 on the Xbox 360, and my first modern era game was F1 2017. 

Only months after I got the game, I started seeking online competitive racing to not only get better at the game, but to just have more fun. After some okay seasons on PC, I switched to PS4 and went through a couple of leagues, didn’t really have a great experience with any of them though, until Cfreeze invited me to join (at the time) the new Silver Class tier in TCR. I instantly fell in love with TCR. The amount of care and time to ensure each and every driver feels not only comfortable, but happy and cared for is outstanding and is nothing I’ve ever experienced in any other league I’ve raced for.

My proudest moment in my TCR career is by far taking the win at Monaco in the Golden Class after having to pit twice because of mistakes I made. To not only have the pace to catch the leaders, but making incredible overtakes was a combination to create my proudest moment in TCR.

My role as a TCR official is to recruit other drivers and to show them why TCR is one of, if not the best F1 leagues on PS4 in North America, and to help create graphics to put on social media etc.

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