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Meet The Team

Founder / Owner

Lives: United States, NY

Age: 19

Christopher / TCR_CFreeze

I started playing the F1 games back in 2015. This game is actually what brought me into the sport as I never even knew what Formula One was at the time. In America, Formula One is not a popular sport. Its either you watch NASCAR or Indy Car when it comes to motor sports. As soon as I started to get into some multiplayer races, (when I can find a clean one) I fell in love for the sport. The speed these cars have are insane and the whole sport in general seemed the top of the line. Once I got a bit better at the game I joined a league, but in the end I thought it would be so cool to start one myself.

I decided to start TCR solely because I wanted to race with a good group of drivers. Seasons after seasons we grew as a league. Things that seemed impossible at the start only became reality later on. I got some great help from all who participated, and surrounded myself with a great group right here. TCR in my eyes, is a place where anyone can join no matter their skill level, and improve as a driver in all aspects. Personally, I love to see the success other drivers have especially when you look to see where they started and where they are now. I love to help other drivers out by practicing and giving them tips because in the end we are all here to do one thing, which is to race.

My role here in TCR is to oversee and manage all operations to ensure that we operate as a league at the top of the line. I have high standards in this regard because I feel like it is important for all drivers to experience TCR in the best way possible. In the future, I see TCR as a well organized league that continues to do great things by solidifying us as the best place when it comes to North American racing. This is what we pride ourselves in being and we will continue to ensure it.

I hope new drivers can see what we have here is special. I would like the new drivers to experience something they never have before. A community where we all can race and practice together and maybe get a little bit better in the end of it.

Head Steward

Lives: United States, Utah

Age: 26

Tyler / tcco

My name is Tyler, I go by tcco in our league. I’m currently a TCR Official, Head Steward for the Platinum Class and a steward for Silver Class. I got started racing in TCR in Season 2, I did a try out race in Austria. I had a ton of fun with the group and raced 4 seasons following that. Season 7 I took a step away from racing competitively online, but continued to stay apart of TCR. A couple seasons before I wanted to be apart of the rule decision process and help grow TCR. Since Season 2 when I started with TCR, I’ve seen our communication, growth, and prestige grow tremendously.

I grew up watching sprint car racing at my local town dirt tracks as a kid. That love for racing grew to NASCAR as I watched my favorite driver Jimmie Johnson win many championships, along with Jeff Gordon. Sometime early 2014 I became very interested in open wheel racing and IndyCar. I attended numerous races at my home track in Sonoma. It wasn’t until then I got more interested in Formula 1. My passion and love for the sport grew very quickly. I have now attended the US Grand Prix and the Spanish Grand Prix races, hoping to cross many more off my list. I am a big Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing fan. Outside of racing, I’m a huge sports fan. I play golf and hockey. I love to watch football, hockey, and golf.

I look forward to the growth of TCR and the addition of more stewards and officials. Since joining TCR years ago, we have always strived to be better than our last season and I believe that we have accomplished that. I would love to see more drivers stay in our high ranks for many seasons and years and always love to welcome new drivers along.

Official / Graphic Work

Lives: United States, Washington D.C.

Age: 35

Stephen / TCR_JOmNrES

My interest in racing originates from my Dad who was an open wheel formula driver when he was young.  I grew up with racing on the TV every Sunday whether it be F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, or whatever other racing happened to be on. The first time I owned and played an F1 game was “Formula 1” for PlayStation in 1995.  I also played the NASCAR games on PlayStation and PC for many years.  It wasn’t until F1 2016 that I got back into F1 racing on the PlayStation. As quick as I got hooked to racing the F1 game again, I got into league racing.  I raced in a European league for a little while and then started a new league with some of the friends I had made.  Running my own league taught me a lot about the responsibility of organizing good clean and fair racing for committed drivers and the amount of work that is required to do so.

My initial introduction to TCR came by chance through open lobby racing with Cfreeze22.  He asked if I would join the league, and I quickly declined when I understood that they required no assists.  After one of my buddies later joined TCR himself…I was encouraged again to join.  I raced as a reserve in Season 5, then decided to go all-in on Season 6.  During Season 6, Cfreeze asked me to become an official and I was extremely impressed with the approach he took in asking me and also extremely intrigued and excited about the direction he wanted to take TCR.

As a driver in TCR, my proudest moment was winning the Golden Championship in Season 7.  Though a driver promotion to Platinum likely helped facilitate the final results, it was the season that I was able to put the most effort into and I worked very hard to put together complete races.  I put in a lot of practice, and got some great guidance from some of the Platinum drivers, and it all paid off.

As an official, my proudest moment was when we successfully added our Silver tier almost seamlessly in Season 8.  The idea we had was to add a racing tier that allowed drivers to come in who use assists and give them the opportunity to get better and improve their skills.  We have seen a number of drivers already take assists off and move up through our tier system, some of which are already quicker than me!  It’s great to see improvement among drivers through hard work and the satisfaction they enjoy by getting better.

TCR is North America’s premier F1 racing league on PS4.  There is no better way to network with and compete against the best North American drivers on PlayStation.  It is a well-organized and reliable league that is always there to satisfy your racing fix.  I’m a competitive junky, and I love going up against and learning from the talent that is in TCR.

Broadly I am an official.  I take on many roles including: Graphics work (standings, social media, streams, etc.), stewarding and Discord organization, among other things.

I expect that the talent pool in TCR will continue to get better and better.  We already have arguably the best collection of North American talent in a single league anywhere on PS4, but I know there are more out there and I hope we can find them.  My biggest goal is to see our Platinum Class grow to a world class Esports level of competition and the notoriety that comes with it.  Finding sponsorship and improving our streaming capabilities will pair along with this.  I want the best North American drivers out there to want to compete and prove themselves in TCR.

New drivers should expect a well organized league that is reliable, fun and competitive.  They should expect to find top-to-bottom competition at their skill level, and expect to be challenged.  If new drivers out there want to race the best North American drivers and prove their ability, they should join TCR.  This is also a great league to join if you want to learn to get away from assists, develop good setups and learn how to manage a complete race.

I look forward to the growth of TCR and the addition of more stewards and officials. Since joining TCR years ago, we have always strived to be better than our last season and I believe that we have accomplished that. I would love to see more drivers stay in our high ranks for many seasons and years and always love to welcome new drivers along.

Official / Stats Analyst

Lives: United States, California

Age: 31

Yaser / GTR-Lion

I started following F1 back in 2006 and boy I fell in love with the sport from day one, especially that V8 engine roar. My first F1 game was the F1 Championship Edition (2006) on PS3 and have started racing competitively after joining TCR in season 4. I joined TCR to unlock my racing potential and I am grateful to everyone in the league who helped go from racing with all sorts of assists (ABS, TC, Racing Line) to running no assist today!

In my eyes, TCR is the premier racing league in North America because of our driver talent, sportsmanship, and the way the league innovates and improves season after season. The official team is an absolute pleasure to work with and I love how the team innovates to improve all the time. The team is very strategic in rolling out change both in the short and long term to help challenge the driver’s skills and keep everyone engaged.

I have been a TCR Official since season 4 and have served the league in various roles. My primary role as a TCR official is to keep track of the drivers racing stats and maintain the official season results/points. I am proud and grateful to be part of the TCR community.

Official / Class Coordinator

Lives: Canada, Vancouver BC

Age: 26

Spencer / xandermar

A lot of my childhood was spent at kart tracks and motocross tracks. I was put on a dirt bike when I was really little, around 4 or 5 years old. Eventually, the discussion was had about me getting into racing competitively. My parents decided that 4 wheels were better than 2, and shortly after I got into racing karts. I raced all the way up til my later teen years before things became too expensive to continue.

Racing became a pretty distant memory as I then had to focus on other things like post secondary school. After several years passed, it wasn’t until I started getting up to watch F1 again that I began reconnecting with racing, that same year I downloaded F1 2017 on a whim. I had no idea about sim racing, or anything in terms of competitive league racing for that matter.

Pretty quick into that Chris messaged me asking if I wanted to join TCR to race. My entire league racing “career” started here, from being on just a pad, to eventually progressing to the proper wheel setup that I have today. It also opened the avenues of more sim oriented racing like iRacing and ACC.

I don’t recall a specific decision on helping TCR grow, other than just really enjoying my time here and wanting to continue to see that happen. TCR is a solid group of competitive people who push one another to do better, without TCR I doubt I would have advanced anywhere as fast as I did.

If anything, that would be what I am most proud of, going from a pad, to a wheel, to eventually building a PC all in less than 3 years is pretty shocking, I am happy with how it all came together.

The future of TCR is going to be interesting, I am more just here for the ride at this point now that I am no longer actively racing in the league. I am excited to just sit back and see where everything all goes for the league.

Outside of racing I am a designer for work, and I like to get out for photography whenever I can. I live in Vancouver BC, it’s a great place for off the cuff hikes and photo trips.

Official / Head of Commentary

Lives: Canada, Ontario

Age: 29


I started watching F1 races and other Motorsport events around 2006, my first memories of F1 are Michael Schumacher retiring (NOT lol), Vettel joining the sport and Alonso being at his absolute prime! I then started playing F1 games around 2009 because I wanted to get a bit closer to the action and get a sense of what the drivers have to deal with. I bought my first wheel and rig in 2018 and have been racing in leagues since then, joining TCR in 2018 for the start of Season 9 in Silver Class. After having the chance to commentate on various classes throughout the season I took an opportunity to help the league with content production, social media promotion, and building a strong team of commentators for Season 10. This lead to me being invited to join the Officials team, which I happily accepted!

I was born in Ukraine but I grew up in the Middle East before moving to Canada at 15 years old. I speak 4 languages which I have discovered to be more a detriment than a help in the booth, so please excuse my weird accent and the odd mispronunciations of words. The highlights of my career in TCR so far have been the chance to commentate on the second running of the Official TCR Grand Prix in Season 9, taking the win in Monaco in the Silver Class, and finishing the season as runner-up. My hobbies outside of league racing include video production, astronomy and stargazing,

I recognize the immense value and work that has been put into the league over the last 10 seasons, as well as the potential for TCR to become the premier North American league for F1 on the PS gaming platform. I hope that my skills and dedication can help the league grow to these goals and expand it’s audience further by improving the overall quality of our streams and having great commentary and content on our channel.

TCR offers a very competitive grid to anyone looking to join, and with three classes of different skill levels you can find the right fit for your racing pace. The drivers are very supportive and ready to help each other improve, and the league itself is well organized and full of special events to keep everyone entertained. Sign up now to Unlock Your Racing Potential!

Official / Class Coordinator

Lives: United States, Texas

Age: 29

Sean / TCR_oo7pROF

Hi I’m Sean and I’m the Coordinator and Steward for Silver Class. I decided to join TCR over 2 years ago, making my debut in TCR season 4. At that point in time, I was searching for an American based league and stumbled across TCR. It was small and growing back then, but the racing and community was really enjoyable and I immediately felt at home. I have to say, some of my proudest moments have been coming into my debut and taking the win in season 4. I was brand new and obviously made a statement about myself and that I was there to race. I’m very excited for TCR’s Season 10 and beyond, I feel like there is so much more to come from the league in terms of racing and competitiveness. Hopefully this season, I can produce some magic and get another long awaited win….the last TCR win being almost 2 years ago.

I have been watching F1 since I was old enough to sit on my dad’s lap, so about 25 years more or less from what I remember. Every Sunday race day, my dad would turn on Formula 1 and point out the red cars and since then, I’ve been a Ferrari fan at heart. I have owned all the F1 games including the old 1998/1999 and early 2000’s PC games, the 2006 PS3 game and all the Codemasters games. My favorite F1 game probably has to be F1 2002 and F1 2013. They were just so epic and I really enjoyed them.

Outside of F1, I play ACC and iRacing quite a bit and enjoy the longer endurance style sim racing. When I’m not at my PC or in my rig, I’m cooking up a tasty burger or steak. I love to cook all sorts of different food, and enjoy watching Gordon Ramsey’s various TV series. I also love music and I currently teach middle school band and am in charge of the band program at my school. Teaching is my passion and I absolutely love it.

There seems to be real pride in what TCR stands for, so I want to help it grow and develop into something even more special. We are always pushing for better things each season, adding special events and keeping everything running as smoothly as possible, and I hope we welcome even more drivers because of it.

Official / Social Media

Lives: Canada, Vancouver

Age: 29

Neville / chatty-duck90

Hi! My name’s Neville, or chatty-duck90 on PSN. I’m from London, England but have been living in Vancouver, Canada for the past 2 years. I’ve been a fan of F1 since 2007, and played video games since the late 90s. My first ever F1 game was F1 99, but I didn’t really understand the sport at the time. I used to cut corners, drive the wrong way and try to hit the Safety Car! I’d like to think my race craft has improved since then…

I’ve played every Codemasters F1 game except for 2014 (a great decision in hindsight) but I really only did career mode or 5 lappers until the summer of 2020. My decision to get into league racing was definitely due to covid, being at home all the time and having lots of free time, I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since. I’ve always been competitive and league racing has definitely scratched that itch.

I’ve been a member of TCR since season 10, firstly as a driver and then as a commentator for Silver Class which has been a lot of fun so far.

I’m joining the TCR officials ahead of Season 12 to run the social media, and I can’t wait for the new season to kick off on F1 2021!

Official / Recruiter

Lives: United States, New York

Age: 17

Maks / KGB-Black_Angel

Hi, I’m Maks TCR’s newest official. I’m currently the recruiter for TCR. Growing up I had no interest in motorsport at all, I’ve never even heard of it. I was into cars and dirt bikes a lot. I rode dirt bike’s growing up. I’ve been racing In TCR for three seasons now going into my fourth. I got into F1 and sim racing a few years back when I went to my local track and got absolutely destroyed by everybody. I was determined to come back and win. I spent a week learning about racing and that’s when the sport caught my attention, I was hooked. I went back and I won. I held the track record for some time as well at the age of 14.

I got into sim racing when I decided to download the F1 2019 game. At first I downloaded it just for fun but I soon realized that there were leagues in the game that you could race in. I was not experienced at all. I spent a few months practicing the game day in and day out. My goal was to turn off all the assists and get good enough to compete in one of these leagues. One day I was doing some online lobbies when I got a messaged for Cfreeze. Cfreeze asked me if I wanted to join TCR. At the time I wasn’t ready to league race but I did have some practice under my belt. I accepted the offer.

My first season was not the best especially the first half of it. Things quickly picked up towards the end of my first season. I doubted TCR at first, but my expectations were completely blown out of the water. I joined the Silver Class. At the start of my second season I jumped to the Platinum Class which I really wanted. At the end of my third season of TCR I was offered to become an official. I was surprised and I did not expect it. I quickly accepted because I wanted to be a part of this amazing league. TCR progresses every year and I want to help contribute to that for seasons to come.

Outside of F1 and sim racing I have a few hobbies. I’m a snowboarder during the winter. I ride dirt bikes in the summer. Within the past year and half I took up bodybuilding which I really enjoy. I live in upstate New York. My nationality is Ukrainian, my parents were born in Ukraine and came to over to the states. TCR’s grid continues to grow and get more competitive season after season.

I would like new drivers to join to see the amazing racing community we have. I’m glad to be a part of TCR. Give TCR a shot you won’t regret it!

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