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About Us

We are a PS4 based racing league focused mainly on
the competitive side of the formula 1 game.

We have 3 classes of racers in our league 
Platinum, Golden, and Sliver!

Platinum class is the best of the best in TCR! They race every Thursday @8:15 pm EST without any assists and are among some of the fastest drivers on Ps4!

Golden class are the runner ups for platinum. These drivers are trying there best the show what they got to become a platinum driver! Golden drivers race every Wednesday @8:15 EST with no assists as well, dont let the Golden boys underestimate you, they are still quick!

Sliver class is new to TCR, so new that season 8 will the the first time they show us what they are made of! Silver class races on Tuesdays @8:15 EST with ABS and medium TC allowed.

TCR is proud to say that we have a affiliation link with Fanatec!
If you purchase anything using this link, a portion of the sales
will go to TCR supporting us and helping us improve!
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